Corporate Governance

In NTPC REL, Corporate Governance philosophy stems from our belief that corporate governance is an integral element in improving efficiency and growth as well as enhancing investor confidence. The Corporate Governance philosophy is scripted as:
o   “As a good corporate citizen, the Company is committed to sound corporate practices based on conscience, openness, fairness, professionalism and accountability in building the confidence of its various stakeholders in it thereby paving the way for its long-term success.”
o   The company believes in sustainable corporate growth that emanates from the top leadership down through the organisation to the various stakeholders which is reflected in its sound financial system, enhanced market reputation and improved efficiency.
We believe that our company shall go beyond adherence to regulatory framework. Our corporate structure, business, operations, and disclosure practices have been strictly aligned to our Corporate Governance Philosophy. Transparency, accountability, fairness, and intensive communication with stakeholders are integral to our functioning. We believe in system driven performance and performance-oriented systems. We accord highest priority to
o   these systems and protect the interests of all our shareholders, particularly the minority shareholders.
o   We have tried to blend growth and efficiency with governance and ethics. Our Board of Directors, guided by the mission statement, formulate strategies and policies having focus on optimizing value for various stakeholders like consumers, shareholders and the society at large. Besides adhering to provisions of listing agreement we are also following guidelines on Corporate Governance issued by the Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India