Green Hydrogen

With Government of India’s big push to lower India’s carbon footprint and meet it’s commitment as part of the Paris climate accords, hydrogen economy is poised to play a big role in Indian economy’s transition to a low carbon ecosystem. NTPC with its aim to lead the energy transition in India, wants to play a key role in implementation of various aspects of green hydrogen economy.

Green hydrogen produced from electrolysis of water using renewable energy is critical to achieving the goals of decarbonizing various branches of the economy. As the current cost of electrolyzers is high, the cost of green hydrogen for end customers is still on the higher side. To assess the economic viability along with technical challenges in integrating hydrogen production, renewable energy and end use applications, NTPC has decided to undertake various pilots.

Hydrogen Mobility Projects at Leh and Delhi

With a vision to lower carbon footprint, NTPC is taking up the initiatives in the Mobility sector. As a first step the project for the deployment of 10Fuel cell electric vehicles(FCEV)in intra and intercity applicationsis being taken up .

Five FCEV are to be deployedLeh and another Five FCEV are to be deployed atDelhi.The proposal for Fuelling up of these FCEVs using green hydrogen from dedicated fuelling facility being explored by NTPCis also under consideration.

Hydrogen Based Energy Storage Pilot-1 in Delhi NCR

Assessment is being done for viability of replacing Diesel Generator Sets with minimum 500 kW hydrogen based fuel cell system for backup power at the NTPC premises in the NCR Region.

Hydrogen Based Energy Storage Pilot-2 at NTPC station in Andhra Pradesh

Assessment is being done for viability of establishing green power based 50 kW microgrid based on electrolyzer-fuel cell combination. The same is to be expanded to MW scale systems.

Hydrogen Blending with Natural Gas Pilot in Western India

Pilot to assess the technical challenges in implementing blending of hydrogen with natural gas in CGD networks in India. This would achieve the dual aim of decarbonizing the existing natural gas grid along with import substitution of natural gas and is also seen as a low hanging fruit due to low capex requirements.

Green Methanol Project

Production of methanol is being pursued with the aim to monetize CO2 which is part of the waste flue gas available at various coal fired thermal power plants of NTPC. As part of the initiative, a 10TPD plant is being taken up.

Green Methanol at NTPC Ramagundam, Telangana would use power from upcoming 100 MW floating solar project being setup at the same location.

Green Ammonia Projects

Ammonia is touted as one of the best and economical carrier of hydrogen over long distances. With NTPC setting up multiple UMREPP’s(Ultra Mega Renewable Energy Power Park’s) across India, part of the power produced from these parks is earmarked for production of green ammonia. The green ammonia can be used as a substitute for either the imported/domestically produced grey ammonia or for export to nations already envisaging using ammonia to decarbonize part of their economy.