Kudgi Hybrid

The 3.37 MWp Solar Wind Hybrid Plant of NTPC at Kudgiwas envisaged as an R&D project by NETRA to access technical issues, O&M issues, grid issues and commercial issues with cost effectiveness of the system. It is erected and commissioned as per design philosophy prepared by NETRA. The plant Configuration is as below:

  • Size Solar PV: 1.37MWp Solar PV Plant with high efficiency HiT (Hetreo junction thin layer)
  • Size Wind:2 MW DFIG Wind Turbine G-114 Gamesa make with 106 m height and 114 blade dia.
  • Land Usage: Total land usage of the plant is 8 Acres in which Solar PV area is 4.5 Acres (3.4 Acres active area) and Wind Area is 2.8 acres.
Rated System Power


Annual Energy Yield

44 million unit

CO2 Saving Per Annum

37.9 metric tonnes